Slow shutdown on Windows Devices, Fixed by Re-installing Windows

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Devices for the last few months (started around 3-4 months ago) have become slower to shutdown. These devices have fast boot disabled. The slowness appears on the "Restarting..." screen after the user has been logged out. We have done significant testing and tried the following to improve the boot speed.


  1. Removal of vendor specific bloatware (HP).
  2. SFC /Scannow
  3. Chkdsk /f
  4. DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
  5. Ran vendor specific firmware updates.
  6. Ran windows updates.


None of the above improved the shutdown speed. We then tested enabling safe-mode with networking and the problem device shut down in 9 seconds compared to 5m30s. What we have found though is a fresh install of windows 11 pro does fix the issue. The windows version we are using is "Windows 11 Pro (Version 23H" OS Build 22631.3007)". To give you a comparison, a fresh install of windows 11 vs a windows 11 device with the problem, both on same build version with same firmware, and same windows updates applied. The fresh install shuts down in 30 seconds and the problem device shuts down in 5m30s. I then performed a Windows 11 re-install using removable media while keeping custom apps and files and this resolved the issue on the problem device and the shutdown speed is now 30 seconds. This is affecting nearly all of our devices, that are of similar models from HP. We have clients of ours in other tenants experiencing the same problem as well. Currently to workaround the issue we have enabled fast shutdown and this has reduced the shutdown speed to between 10-15seconds however we would like to get to the bottom of the cause of the slow shutdowns when fast shutdown is not enabled as currently it feels as though it is a windows feature or update causing the issue. Especially since the issue was resolved by re-installing windows 11 while keeping all custom software exactly the same and all settings exactly the same. 


Following the above we have used Windows Performance Recorder and Analyzer and cannot see anything other than Windows process working during the slow shutdown process. We then also compared services between the fresh w11 re-install device and a w11 device with the problem. We disabled all services that were different and the problem was the same. I have then raised a ticket through the 365 admin centre but unfortunately they do not assist with any Windows problems.


Anyone got any ideas on where to go from here to figure out how we can fix the slow shutdown without re-installing Windows 11? What we hope to achieve is devices shutting down in 30seconds without fast boot enabled.

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Roll back to the previous edition and see if the performance is optimized.