Shift+Right click on pinned taskbar item causes explorer to restart

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I have noticed that on the few computers we have started updating to Windows 11, we have been having an issue with Shift + Right clicking pinned taskbar items (to open as another user) causing the taskbar and explorer to flash and restart.  This will usually happen maybe 2 times and then allow you to do it without issue.  This issue happens on all our Windows 11 computers, running 21H2 versions 10.0.22000.593 and 10.0.22000.527.


Anyone else experiencing this issue?  If so, do you have a resolution?

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@MikeSheff I can concur this issue is happening on other machines. This always happens after a reboot for the first 2x times I try it, then it works fine thereafter. One thing I noticed is that it only seems to happen on my PC and not my VM. The PC was an upgrade while the VM is a greenfield build, not sure if that has a bearing on why.

After uninstalling Office365 the shift right click crash went away for me and then came back after reinstalling Office365

The issue is still happing in March of 2023.  I have noticed that it only seems to happen when you Shift+Right click the taskbar item then immediately scroll over the menu that comes up.  If you wait a second before putting your cursor over the menu, the issue doesn't happen.