Several errors Desktop, Exploeer.exe crashing

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Whenever I use the full screen in any application I keep getting: This causes the full screen application to hang for anywhere 3-10 seconds with it lately getting worse. I noticed that it gets worse when I'm out of ram. This happens every 5-15min. Explorere.exe crashing can cause other things to crash a coupe of seconds later.



Whenever I do anything, take a screenshot, or tab back out from a game my desktop looks like:


Or they look like: I hover over them with my mouse, then go off it and it doesn't remove the highlight, but I can apply it again.




Or missing icons in the taskbar.



I have all the latest drivers from Nvidia. I have no group policy, I have ran disk checks (no errors ever) and no corruption of the SSD.


Additional information: running on a MSI laptop RTX 3080Ti with 1440p 244hz screen and 4k extra screen to the side.


This has been going on for over 2 months.

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Additional information:


I can't right click the desktop.

The computer hangs randomly whenever I do something.

I sometimes do get previews of windows content in tab or hover over taskbar. Almost all the time the tab menu doesn't show up at all when I Alt + Tab.


I've tried to turn of all the custom settings in sysdm.cpl to performance settings.

The computer randomly hangs when I'm typing this message and doesn't update then it shows the updated text.

In addition the windows button doesn't respond randomly.