SecureBoot Enabled but UEFISecureBootEnabled equals 0


Hello and greetings from Portugal!


I'm noticed something strange when checking requisites for Windows 11 upgrade.

Some machines, although they have SecureBoot enabled, the registry key "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecureBoot\State" as the UEFISecureBootEnabled equals to 0.

Does anyone has this issue?
Does anyone knows how to upg

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AFAIK, UEFISecureBootEnabled at Value 0 should correspond to secure boot OFF.

I don't know if its a known bug but you can always report it to Feedback Hub.

It's solved! :)

In my case, although the secure boot was enabled, the issue was the "Platform Mode" option was "Setup Mode" enabled. For the registry key correctly update, the option needs to be "User Mode".

To change to "User Mode" I needed to restore factory keys.

After that, everything worked fine and the registry key was correctly changed to 1.
Thanks for sharing the update, glad it is resolved!