Screenshots or snippets are not working properly on ultrawide monitor, windows 11 upgrade

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When I do a screen snippet using window button + shift + s, I am only able to snip within 2/3 area of my monitor. I can see the exact limitation of where I cannot snip it because only about 2/3 of my monitor screen is greyed out. I did not have this problem with Windows 10 and hope to have this fixed ASAP as I use this tool very frequently. Interestingly, I can take a full screen snippet as long as I start my cursor in that greyed area, but I cannot start my cursor in the non-greyed out area. 

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@TinyBlueberry  Resolvi esse meu problema mudando a escala de 125% para 100%

@TinyBlueberry I have the same issue currently, which can be resolved as suggested by @andersonasl by changing display scaling to 100%. Of course, this is only a workaround as 100% scaling on a high DPI display is not usable.

bug still present on last version of Windows 11 Pro, 22H2 22621.963.

I use a LG 29'' with 2560x1080 resolution and the snipping tool is still blocked at lower resolution.

I have tested your solution , unfortunately it not working for me i am using Asus Tuf 4k monitor , looks like Windows using it as 2 monitors not 1 monitor , as screenshot space is set to exactly 50% of my monitor