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My original post at Microsoft Community:


windows 11 modern standby

We are working on scheduled recordings using modern standby on regular desktop Windows 11PC

with live TV Tuners. We use UWP notifications to wake from S0i3.

The problem is that sometimes Windows wakes up and goes back to sleep in 30 seconds

so our scheduled recordings are not executed. This problem has been bothering us for

quite some time.

When we analyze the sleep study, we find

1. if Exit reason: User Display Burst appears, then it will go back to sleep in 30 seconds.

it occurs randomly, .i.e., sometimes it goes days without this happening.

2. if Exit reason: Monitor On appears, then scheduled recordings are executed in time.

So the questions are

1. how can we wake from S0i3 and complete scheduled recordings? Or, how to

avoid Exit reason: User Display Burst? We try power request, but it doesn't help.

2. Why does the same toast notification setting trigger two different modes of wake?

i.e., same input, two kinds of outputs.

3. Besides UWP notification, are there other software ways to wake from S0i3?

wait-able timer doesn't work, as we tried.

Thank you.

and Jason there says that I seek help here.

To add some background info:
1. A desktop pc maker (with decades' history )
2. This product has live tv tuners (for many years, thus not new feature)
3. Scheduled recordings have been working in the past, with S3/S4/S5 modes.
(wake from S5 uses the maker's proprietary technology).
4. New Q1 2022 model adopts the modern standby (thus first time), and

scheduled wake timer has to change since wait-able timer doesn't wake from S0i3.
5. To achieve scheduled wake from S0i3, we use 'Scheduled Toast Notification',
as according to Microsoft docs on Wake Sources, UWP push notification seems to be the only way our software can use.


Thanks, and I hope Microsoft experts can help us.

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Did you ever come up with a solution for this. Having the same problem but helpful info or examples seem hard to come by.



2 years later and Microsoft do NOTHING!