SATA Hard drives not visible.

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I have upgraded to Windows 11. Clean install. Operating system is on M2 SSD. After the upgrade only the M2 drive is visible. All of my other drives aren't accessible. They show in the BIOS but not in Device Manager or Disk Management. Bios is up to date. Serial ATA Controller in Device Manager shows error and will not allow an update. Tried to manually load SATA driver but no joy.

Having a backup drive that I can't access defeats the object. Any ideas to allow access to my other drives gratefully received.

(MSI MAG Z690 Tomahawk, Intel Core I5 - 12600KF)

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@Alabamatom1963 thanks for the response and the link. I had seen and tried all of the suggestions. The core problem is a missing or corrupted SATA controller driver and nothing I have tried has enabled me to update or reload it. 

Update. I have given up trying to get SATA to work. I have purchased another M2 SSD drive and a SATA to USB3 enclosure and am transferring data from the SATA drives. All working OK. A cheaper option than binning the Windows system and buying an iMac, although I'm tempted.
Glad you got it working.

@Alabamatom1963 Thanks but I didn't really. I just bypassed the problem. I'm less than impressed with Windows 11. A number of things have gone wrong since I changed from 10. Microsoft either don't care or are generally incompetent.

I hear very few complaints from friends and relatives with Apple systems. Cost seems to be the only real setback.