Samsung SSD is here at startup and disappear.

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I have a desktop PC with a motherboard MSI MPG Z690 WIFI CARBON. The BIOS is the latest one and all Intel drivers as well as the NVIDIA card have the latest drivers.

I have 5 disks including an internal  Samsung SSD EVO 2TB. When I launch Windows 11 the 5 disks are recognized. When I run Powershell 7, the 5 disks appear as HEALTHY. If I run Samsung Magician, the disk shows good performances and a quick scan shows no problem. as well as a complete scan (all sectors blue).

The SSD disk contains video files (my rushs from my holidays videos). 

I try to edit the video files using PowerDirector 365 and suddenly I have an error message saying that the disk is no more connected. I have decided to copy a number of files (a month rushes) to another internal drive. No matter how I do it, at some time, the disk is no more in windows.

I guess then the problem is between the disk and Windows but I have no idea of what to do.


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Download the free DiskGenius app and check if all disks are listed in here.

@Erma_Sparks Hi Emma, Thank you.

Yes the disk is there. Please find attached a screen capture.Screen capture DGG disk 5.jpg

This means the physical disk is fine. PowerDirector 365 failed to locate the SSD. Can other programs see your Samsung SSD?