Restore previous version not available with my Windows 11 11 21h2

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I have the same PC I did for Windows 10.  Previous version in explorer worked great.   I did not have any additional drives or external drives or thumb drives.  I have a NVME for my boot drive and a RAID (adaptec) for my storage.   I do however store all my xls, qb, doc etc on my NVME so I only need that operational for previous versions.


I tried to find out what was differen in my vanilla 11 fresh install.  I have the latest firmware for everything. I have the latest drivers for everything.  I have the latest patches for Windows. 


When I go to my control panel, file history, it says "No usable drive was found".   I don't recall configuring that on Win 10.   I believe on Win 10 a portion of the c: drive was allocated to previous versions of files.





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