Renaming a folder in file explorer while copying data to it causes two folders to be created

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Windows 11: In file explorer:

1 Start a copy of a large folder with (ctrl-c and then ctrl-v)
2 While copying, decided that you don't like the auto-generated name of the copy and rename the target folder.
3) Observe that the copy continues into the old folder name but the data that had already been copied when you did the rename operation is in a separate folder with the new name

Expected behavior: Either I am prevented from renaming while the copy is active, or all the data end up in a single folder.


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Have you tried updating Windows?
Open start a search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this as a bug report and make sure share steps to reproduce the problem.
Whoops. I thought I was reporting a bug. Got techcommunity and feedback hub confused. Thanks.
This forum will be monitored by the Windows team too. However, Feedback Hub app is the official way to send feedback and it is fastest method for the Windows team to observe it. In addition, those who are facing the same issue will be able to upvote it.
This forum is good for open discussion but to share suggestion, feedback or bug the best way is the Feedback Hub app.
If you are copying a folder and you want to change name you are unable to rename it while copy is happening. You will have to do it after. This may change in a future build but not sure on this.