Re-installing Win 11

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Ok, I have an odd situation.  I have a PC that has been running Win 11 for the last couple of years


But the the motherboard started throwing errors so I decided to replace it with a Gigabyte B550 DS3H.


When replacing hardware I like to perform a clean install of the OS so thought it would be a formality.


Downloaded the latest installation media from MS, built a USB thumb drive (with 64gb of memory), rebooted the system and booted from the thumb drive.  Everything appears to be going normally, clicked the box asking for a license key with "I do not have a license key" (the license is loaded om my MS account).


Boom, your PC is not compatible with Win 11. WTF?  It's already running Win 11!


Rebooted and the old installed version of Win 11 boots up just fine and runs. Odd.


Go into BIOS setting and fTPM is enabled, download latest firmware for the board and installed it.


Try again. nope, same problem, this PC is not compatible with Win 11.


Ok, so now I try clearing the TPM using Win defender.  


Reboot and try again.


No, same point, you PC is not compatible. 


Download the Win 11 health check.  Says I am fine.  


Try again.  Failure.


Now I know I do not have to do a clean install, but now I want to even more because I do not want to get into the situation where I NEED to and can't!


What am I missing?


All help greatly appreciated.


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It is probably set for Legacy in the BIOS instead of UEFI.  This Video will help you get things up and running.

As it happens I had seen that video when I was trying to find the problem.

However, I didn't try legacy model, as will try that tonight. Thanks for the tip.

Just a quick update.  Legacy mode DID NOT work.


I still have the problem.


Any other ideas?