"Could not initialize license properties. QuickBooks error 3371 Status Code 11118: How to Fix?

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I am a small business owner who relies heavily on QuickBooks for managing my business finances. Recently, I decided to uninstall QuickBooks from my computer for troubleshooting purposes. I then tried to reinstall QuickBooks using an old installation CD, which is designed for Windows 7/8.1.

When I attempted to reinstall QuickBooks using the CD, I encountered QuickBooks error 3371 status code 11118. This error prevents the software from loading, indicating that there is an issue with the QuickBooks installation files or a problem with accessing the necessary system components.


I am getting an error message that "Could not initialize license properties. QuickBooks error 3371: Could not initialize license properties. Status code: 11118."


I tried multiple times to reinstall QuickBooks using the CD but continued to face the same error. Please help me out!


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Encountering error code 3371 with status code 11118 in QuickBooks? Don't fret! This error indicates trouble loading your license information, often due to corrupted or missing files.

The fix is fortunately straightforward.


Here's your rescue plan:

QuickBooks Tool Hub: This handy tool tackles common QuickBooks issues. Close QuickBooks and download the latest version of the Tool Hub from Intuit's website.


Run the 3371 Error Fix: Within the Tool Hub, navigate to "Installation Issues" and select "3371 Error Fix." Let the tool work its magic.


Restart and Open: Once the fix is complete, relaunch QuickBooks and try opening your data file.

With these steps, your license data should be back in order, allowing you to access QuickBooks seamlessly.


If the issue persists, consider contacting Intuit support for further assistance.Quickbooks Help & Support.png