Quick Settings panel size

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Does anybody know how to properly set the size of the "quick settings" panel?

On my laptop the panel is always cut-out and I cannot find a way to have it properly defined. 


I tried adding or deleting widgets/icons. The panel resizes accordingly, but the upper icons are always cut:




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I had experienced this once when the graphics drivers were not properly installed. In your case, it could be something else, can you tell me what is the Windows 11 build and what is the screen resolution set to?.

Dear @PrajwalDesai 


I have windows build 22000.978 with all updates until yesterday. Screen resolution is the recommended setting for my screen, 1920x1080, with recommended scale at 125%.

I just tried to change both screen resolution and scaling, but the panel remains cut-out similarly to the screenshot I posted in my previous email



I have this same issue.

I have tis very issue as well and seems there's no resolution this much later??


EDIT (side note) - I decided to place the items that I used most in the bottom half of the panel where I could see them. I right clicked inside the panel and EDIT QUICK SETTINGS pops up. I then moved the mini panels around as I need to. I hope this helps someone else.