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After upgrading to windows11 and then reverting back to windows10, can I continue to receive the update push of windows11 afterwards?

After I experienced Windows 11 through the push upgrade of Windows 11, I found that the castration of the taskbar settings and the removal of the start tile were unacceptable to me, so after I returned to Windows 10, I found that I did not receive the push upgrade of Windows 11.

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@SuTse  Hi

Of course, Update may offer you to reinstall Windows11.

But without your approval, it will not automatically install!

You now need to carefully control this when downloading updates!

Good luck

I have the opposite (?) problem: I tried W11 and it didn't work well with VR so went back to W10, however now every time I select "Update and restart" (or shutdown) in the Start menu, it forces me to W11 again.


Is this expected? Do I have to decline all updates going forward?


This is an automatic process because the Windows11 installer is on your computer so it retrys the update request.
A clean install of Windows10 would clean everything and reinstall Win10, but it removes everything and you have to reinstall the apps, and your personal files will be deleted too.