Question about selecting things with Windows 11

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For some reason when i try to select something with my mouse it often takes 2 separate clicks to do so.  I did not have this problem before i upgraded to Windows 11.  It is not horrible but it is something i would like to correct.  When i select an icon on the task bar a single clink should do it but often it does not and i have to click on it a second time.  The second click does the job.  I do not click all that quickly it takes me a minute after the first one to realize the app did not start then i try again and it works.  I have also found that when i select the window in the task bar it opens a page of apps.  If I try to turn the computer off at the icon on the bottom right corner of the page the first click usually does not do the job the second click does.  

Is anyone else having these problems?



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Hi @Mhix1598. Im not 100% certain of this but if you are working with Microsoft Office 365 for eg. The online version of microsoft word or trying to edit a worksheet within sharepoint it tends to render an experience similar to that of your mentioning above. The first click usually associates with the selection of the webpage or the application you are getting into and the subsequent one with the action you are trying to perform.
btw Do you happen to be a Windows 365 beta tester?

@GlennR27 - Thank you.  It does seem that is the issue.  The first click seems to identify the area of the screen i am working in and the second one does the job.