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Question about not letting things run in the background

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On my new computer, I went through and disabled background app permissions for almost everything.  (If I don't have it open, I don't need it running anything).  The problem?  Nothing will open.  I turned off background permissions for Notepad and got an error when I tried to open it.  Similarly got an error opening a .png after disabling background permissions for Photos (and that error isn't going away after turning it back on, so I suspect I need a reboot).

Is there something in these programs that *requires* something running in the background to work?  And if so, why give the option to disable them running in the background if it's just going to disable the whole program?  All the instructions on disabling background processes never gave a warning about them being required to *launch* the program in the first place, but that's the only conclusion I can come up with for this sudden problem.


I got into doing this because I realized my computer was using close to 20% of my 32 GB RAM on first bootup with nothing but Discord and Task Manager running (I had already gone through and cleaned up my startup apps).  I wanted to cut some of the unnecessary processes running in the background, and the only permanent solution was to disable background permissions for programs that shouldn't need them.


I guess what my question is, are background processes really required for modern programs to boot?  Will these programs that I use infrequently still keep something loaded in my RAM *just in case* I want them?


(also, quickly correcting a required item blocking the post from being sent and sending it again is *not* post flooding <.< )

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