Problems with Windows 11 not fixed by Microsoft

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Windows 11 has just been a problem child so far and it seems like Microsoft doesn't care very much. I have a commercial laptop Lenovo IdeaPad 3 17IML05 which came installed with Win 10 and I updated it to Win 11.

1) Biggest problem is the "Task Manager". This has been a problem since I installed Win 11. It barely worked. When it came up it would only get so far in showing the running programs and then would freeze. It would not show the percent of memory or the CPU usage except for values that were displayed the 1st time, it never updated. I recently found out the "fix" (not from Microsoft). You have to turn off "Device Association Service". This fixed the problem with Task Manager but I am sure I will have problems if I have to connect to a new WiFi service. So this problem has been around for more a year and I have seen many articles that purported to fix the problem, but Microsoft seems to not care about fixing it.

2) Printer installation problems. I know this problem has been around since Win 11 came out and still has not been fixed.  On my machine, when you go to Settings ->  Bluetooth & Devices -> Printers & scanners -> Add Device the cursor spins for 10 seconds and then the window disappears. So you can't add a printer or scanner the normal way. Now you can add printers or scanners with the device installation scripts that install drivers. However, earlier versions of windows allowed you to remove drivers easily but in Windows 11 it doesn't seem possible. I am sure that there is a tool or script that could be added but it used to be part of every Windows installation from the start.

3) Intel Video driver installation seems to be messed up. Again, there are several articles on the web on how to try to fix this. The problem is that every time you update the driver to a new version and the do a restart the video driver reverts to an older version without telling the user. But if you have the Intel driver installer it will show you that you are on the older driver and ask you to put the new driver in again. It is great big never ending circle. Part of the problem is that Intel has their new Video cards which update the driver regularly (usually weekly). But, someone came up with a script wushowhide.diagcab that seems to finally fix the problem but all it does is hide the old video driver. It also seems to cover other drivers that seem to have similar problems.


There have been over 100 different updates to Windows 11. Yet these problems have not been fixed from Microsoft and since the fixes seem to be coming from the public (you always see when a Microsoft employee gives advice or fixes), it still appears that Microsoft doesn't really care about these problems and the myriad other problems with Windows 11.

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Hi @ewarmou1 

Yes, but the best place to make suggestions to software engineers is:

Send feedback to Microsoft with the Feedback Hub app


I think I have figured the first one out, though of course I'm not sure if it will work in your case.

Be warned, this includes adding an .exe file to your firewall exception.

So I had the same issue as you. Other issues associated with the "Device Association Service" were that Phone Link would not open, I could receive text messages, but not open the interface. Oddly enough, I could not open Unreal Editor either.

For full context, I had just finished a clone, from an older 2.5" SSD to a new PCI-E SSD and I upgraded my Ryzen CPU from 2700x to 5950x.

Steps I took to resolve.

1. Open 'msconfig' and disable the 'Device Association Service.'
2. Restart.
3. Set inbound and outbound firewall rules for DASHost.exe in 'C:\Windows\System32.' (allow all connections)
4. Open 'msconfig' and enable 'Device Association Service.'
5. Restart.

I can now open Unreal, use the Task Manager and also open the Phone Link app.

Hope this can assist others.