Problems with Hiding the Task Bar

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I have a problem with the taskbar not hiding - I have checked the settings but when I put the mouse down the screen bottom which causes the taskbar to rise it then stays in the risen position permanently - This often hides text input boxes in chat boxes which are often locked in a particular screen position and can't be moved

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Hi, what version of Windows are you writing about?
Windows10 = you can change the location of the taskbar to the top of the screen or vertically
Windows11 is without this feature - 

Windows11 is without this feature - I rate it as a step backwards of users, and your example confirms this, of course you are right that you see a problem in this (this prevents proper writing on the website and is clearly annoying.

Thank you for your post

I am using Win 11 Pro - I have now solved the problem there is an app called Taskbar 11 that allows Win 11 users to put the taskbar at the top or bottom of the screen (plus a few other tweaks) this allows me to move it out of the way and now right clicking on the screen hides it - result!


Win11 taskbar only at the bottom of the screen - it needs to be changed! - Microsoft Tech Community


A year ago I wrote this post and nothing has changed still Microsoft has not restored the feature that was in Windows from the beginning!

Installing an additional application is sometimes a must, thank you for coming back to write how you fixed it!

Good luck