Problem in sharing with Windows 11 and Windows7

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Respected Sir,


I have problem in sharing of data from Windows 11 and Windows 7 with the help of lan cable and windows 7 shows the error to Windows11 that "There is no computer name found".

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Hi @Garvit_Khandelwal,


Please make sure the network discovery option is enabled on both computers. It might be a configuration issue with the firewall’s permission, also check the below services are allowed for private and public network.

  • File and Printing Service
  • File and Printing Service over SMBDirect

I can't reached these setting can you give me a screenshots of settings


Hi @Garvit_Khandelwal 

You can find the File and Printing Service configuration in the Windows firewall.

  • Search and launch windows firewall from the Start menu's search box, and select the Allow an app through Windows Firewall.
  • From Windows Defender Firewall, identify File and Printing ServiceFile and Printing Service over SMBDirect, Allow for Private and Public network as exhibited in below screenshots.



Please also try to access another computer through IP addresses instead of hostname, e.g. \\\


Please make sure that:

  1. Both computers are configured with a unique name (hostname)
  2. They are having unique IP
  3. They are within the same Workgroup/domain.

I am having the same problem, spent MONTHS trying to sort it out. Best I've achieved is for the Win 7 PCs able to access my Win 11 pc but not the other way round. I have download and implemented ALL the advice given by you above and many other people, and still it does work.  So what am I doing wrong? I have documented in DETAIL every step I've taken, document available for view if I can find out how. 

Hello !

What worked for me:
Enabling SMBv2/v3 on the *Windows 7* machine following the instructions at

Hope this helps!
I have the same issue on my computer and got it fixed by enabling the network discovery option.
You can enable file and printer sharing on Windows 7:

1. Go to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center
2. Click on "Change advanced sharing settings"
3. Under "Home or work (private network)", select the box next to "Turn on file and printer sharing"
4. Click "Save changes" to apply the changes.
Long shot, and also sthing a bit silly:
You need public (as in: not hidden) shares on a computer for it to show on others' neighborhood.
Did you share anything on Win 7 that your Win 11 can access ?


Can view and use files from windows 7 on windows 11. All good there!

CANNOT view anything from windows 11 on windows 7 though?

Did you sort this. I can get files from windows 7 on windows 11 BUT NOT the other way. i.e. Cannot access anything from windows 11 0n windows 7........