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I Recently received  notification that Windows 11 was read to download onto my laptop and did download Windows 11 successfully.  Fortunately, it works with my core apps (Word, Excel, Outlook etc) but the new download of Teams and widgets doesn't work.  I only get a shadow for a moment when I cloick on the taskbar widgets icon.  With Teams I get the Teams page but it says that I only have it for business and educational use.  I downloaded Teams for that use when I had Windows 10.  Now I want to create a personal Teams account.  I tried to do this but the onboarding always reverts to the business account.  Are there fixes for either or both of these issues?  Does Microsoft contemplate sending a fix to download?

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Hi @jeffrey300,

Since Windows 11 was released on October 5, 2021, I think it is an another bug of Windows 11, My suggestion is try another way to use Teams like using Teams on the web instead to the application, this is only temporary. Then give feedback to Microsoft about your issue, If Windows 11 release a new Windows Update, then try again reopen it. If this not work, try to update your Teams in Microsoft Store. I think this is still available in Windows 11.

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thanks for helping