Please bring back show/hide update tool

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Please, this is f-ing frustrating for me, making my life miserable, and cost me a lot of time each time windows update acts up (lost over 80 hours fixing this problem over and over again). This is the 18th time I'm reinstalling a driver because windows update installed its version instead of the version I got from the vendors website (which is the latest, instead of what windows update has). 


Please, bring back the show/hide windows update tool. It's making my machine unusable. Why do I have to beg microsoft for basic stuff that keeps making my hardware my hard earned money un-useable. 


Please, please bring back the tool. 

Why is microsoft hell bent on making my life miserable. I'm told to "be kind" and follow the "code of conduct" in the feedback forums, but this lack of control is testing my patience. Why Microsoft, why do you treat paying customers like me like crap? Why just WHY? WHY IS THERE NO EASY LINK TO THE TOOL, AND WHY ISN'T THIS TOOL BUILT INTO THE WINDOWS UPDATE ADVNCED OPTIONS? WHY DO YOU MAKE IT SO HARD FOR ME TO DO MY WORK?


That's it. I'm done. I'm throwing this 1800$ machine and getting a mac m1 pro. I'll at the least be able to earn my livelihood, without breaking down into rage and tears each time this shit happens. 


Apologies for the language, but I need to let the devs know my position. That their decisions have impact, and mess with real people, real lives. Wake up.

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It's 4 am in the morning and I've been trying to fix this issue. I install the update from the vendor, and then windows update detects it, starts downloading the update with no recourse for me to stop it. I can't disconnect the internet as the tool is a light installer that uses the internet to download the full update. I've had to try over 5 times to get the timing right and prevent windows update from overwriting the vendor's update. I used a third party tool to completely disable windows update.

I don't give a rat's proverbial behinds anymore. What's the point of all the forced update keeping me "secure" if I can't do my job. Let it have trojans and take over my life.

Just bought the mac pro. Hopefully the update block tool didn't snag my baking passwords. Time will tell.

Thanks Microsoft.
Been a good run (not really, rather the exact opposite).