Placing shortcuts on the desktop

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Placing shortcuts on the desktop

"Adding layers to Paint was not the most urgent problem that needed to be solved urgently."

Hello community!

I'm tired of struggling with the seemingly simplest and most basic operation in Windows 11, namely, placing shortcuts on the desktop/monitor of my workstation. Because this is a universal workstation, there are a lot of shortcuts on it, and they need to be strictly ordered, to keep the workspace in order.

I have 3 monitors connected, they are located from left to right 1, 2, 3, + 4tv on top.
- 2 - this is the main (Working)
- 1 and 3-auxiliary side, they are included as needed.
- 4tv-located directly above 2, and is used exclusively for need, in the role of a home theater.

The problem is that the location of shortcuts on the desktop changes depending on whether the monitors are turned on.

That is, my desktop and all shortcuts are concentrated on monitor number 2. When connecting number 1, shortcuts from monitor 2 will be scattered across all screens, or they will move to monitor 1 if you use third-party programs.

And this is despite the fact that number 2 is set as the "Main Monitor"!

The same situation applies to all other monitors and TVs.
Desktop shortcuts, as if:
- not tied to a specific device/To the monitor.
- do not have a single template (which would be used for any monitor)

- the enabled secondary monitor is reassigned as the primary monitor.

If I understand correctly, the desktop works in XY coordinates, where the zero point is the lower-left corner of the monitor, from which the coordinates of all shortcuts on the desktop are located. Isn't it more convenient to make a single coordinate screen with a zero point in the center of all screens (depending on how they are located in the settings). Otherwise, this system, without binding the desktop to a specific monitor, is just complete unfinished nonsense...

In general, there is some kind of uncontrolled chaos, the programs that exist at the moment do not fix these problems.

- Will Microsoft solve this problem so that everything works out of the box??

(This is an unthinkable problem for such an operating system, where the main principle is a graphical shell and visual use.)

- How can I solve this problem with multiple monitors?
(which are turned off to save power)

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In parallel with the free time, I will add additional problems with connected monitorsi.
If 3 monitors are active at the same time, then there is also such a problem:
- On the main monitor, I work in Photoshop, minimize the window, expand it, everything is fine!
But, if the same operation is performed in one of the other monitors, taking into account that photoshop is opened on another monitor and not the main one, then the program will expand exactly to the main screen, the main one. I.e. the program will open after the window is expanded on the main monitor, and not on the one in which it was in state before.
- Now the actual problem, my main monitor is supposedly the main one, but information about it is not displayed in the screen settings, there is no screen profile for this model, and there are not clear problems with HDR.
- The game crashed after turning off HDR. The main monitor is specified in the game settings, but the game display is completely different. If you select a non-main monitor in the game, the game goes to the main monitor window.
This is some kind of hell....