Performance issues with Build 22567.1 (ni_release)

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First time ever I have had to do a roll back. 22567.1 (ni_release) installed without issue. Everything seemed fine.

Hardware Specs:

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor 3.90 GHz

32.0 GB Ram

nVidia RTX2070 Super.Features

Went to run Cyberpunk2077 ver 1.5.2 and the system turned into a 486. Screen stutter and soundFeatures would breakup as if listening through a fan. Taskmanager showed that 13 threads were at 50% or higher. Gave the system some time to see if the dust would settle. No dice. CPU Fans and Video Card Fans started to run at 100%. Shut the game down and CPU Usage dropped to it's expected idle level. Fired up Fallout4 and again the fans started running at max and 9 threads running 50% or above. Cyberpunk is a multi threaded app however Fallout4 is only single threaded. Browsing caused no issues and could watch video with no sound issues. Sound on the system is provided via Bluetooth, onboard soundcard is disabled. Verified that there were no other updates that could have impacted the system. Rolled back to 22563.1 (ni_release). Reran applications and everything was fine. Frame rate was back to the expected 144fps with no sound issues. Same with Fallout 4. CPU usage was nominal as well. Anyone else have a similar experience?

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I'm also getting the same. Even on videos playing in youtube if the tab is in the background. Same CPU and RAM as you, RTX 3080 GPU. Though strangely enough, crypto mining performance is not affected

Same issues on last build. Some screen and audio stutterings in games. CPU goes crazy with high temp.