Pc running incredibly slow recently

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I booted up my pc to play tf2 today, part of my normal day, but as soon as the game launched, I noticed an issue, the menu was being very slow, i just thought it was tf2 being tf2, as it's always a little slow when i play it for the first time in awhile, i queued for a round of casual, but when the game loaded it was going at, 1, maybe 2 fps, and my pc is able to run this game better than that, like way better. so i was like "huh, odd" and rebooted the system after logging off, when i get back in, I try gmod, same deal, so then i think it was just steam, as that account was hacked a little while back, go over to epic launcher to play fall guys, again 1 fps. so, i don't even know so help me out please? (also the sleep function is gone from the start menu, but whatever.)

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