opting out of win11 dev insider program

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Hey there,


I need some help with opting out of the insider program without losing my data. I already tried the unenrollment option, but to my surprise, I ended up with another build installation (23493.10000) today.


Right now, I'm on version 22H2

build: 23486.1000, 


next build pending to restart: 23493.1000.


The current public build for WIN11 is: 22621.1928


Can you give me an idea of when I can expect to be out of the program?

Also, is there a way to ensure I don't receive any more updates like the one I got tonight?



Thanks in advance!

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unfortunately - you will still receive new updates for the Dev channel.  unregistering does not remove an already installed version of Insider.

Beta only - has the ability to wait for a stable version without losing files, settings, etc.

In your case, only a clean installation of a lower version of windows is possible.