OneDrive stops when PC goes to standby on Windows 11

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Hi there,

I have an annoying issue with my Surface Laptop Go and Windows 11. I use OneDrive a lot since the PC only comes with 128GB RAM. But OneDrive on this machine - despite a clean install of Win 11 - is very unreliable. Whenever I put the Laptop to sleep, OneDrive will stop and I have to manually restart it (sometimes multiple time).

Usually I can see the OneDrive icon in the taskbar. But when I try to access a file, the system tells me to make sure OneDrive is running. Only when I start the OneDrive app again, I can access my files.

Uninstalled and re-installed OneDrive already. No change. 

I have no issues whatsoever on my Win 10 work notebook.

Any ideas? Thanks for your support.

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you may check the BIOS settings (sleep, S3 states etc.) and update all drivers.