Notepads App from Microsoft Store not working: "No Such Interface Supported"

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Hi! It seems like this error message has been around for some while for many people, and now I came upon it. While there a dozens of sites suggesting general fixes to it, including running different scans like CCleaner or reinstalling a dll-file etc, nothing has worked for me. 


This happens to me when I try to open .txt-files with the third party Notepads App (not the same as built-in Windows Notepad). The weird part for me is that it works if I have the .txt located on my desktop, but as soon as I move it to another directory I get the "No Such Interface Supported" message when I try to open it.


Anyone has an idea what this might be about? My computer upgraded to Windows 11 two days ago, but I didn't try the app before so not sure if it's related to that or not.

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Did you install it from the Microsoft Store?
Did you installed the latest update?
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