No taskbar and screen flickering to black on build 22581

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I am currently running build 22581.ni_release.220318-1623

Currently have no taskbar
The screen goes black every 20 seconds and resets file Explorer if I have that open and closes it. The loading icon would come up as well. Unable to use search icon in file Explorer

I haven't done anything to the computer besides use desktop engine but I uninstalled that. Also updated my pc. Still does it in safe mode

Completely unsure what to do. Unable to get to my graphics card settings to update it. Thought it might be that

Completely lost and don't want to have to pay someone to work on it or hard reset. I scaned with AVG and no viruses but it apparently had 200 broken registry's.

Any help would be appreciated! I should also mention that windows Explorer is using alot of CPU but only when the screen flashes
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Same problem.

If I Restart+Shift in Advanced Options, the only options are Start Up Settings and UEFI Firmware. No Reset option or Uninstall updates.

Can't get into Settings using Win+i, just a blank screen.

Even starting in Safe Mode has flashing screen and blank settings. 

Have you found a solution?


I have a temporary fix for it


1. open your task manager

2. scroll to the bottom of your background processes

3. click on file explorer and restart it


this fixes it temporarily so it will happen again but its better then restarting your pc


This is how I solved:

Open settings by pressing windows+i, go to "Windows Update" then "Update History" > "Uninstall Updates".  Uninstall the most recent update. Lastly reinstall the latest windows again by restarting your computer. I had no damage on files doing this. 

@Ethanmaul ty bro it worked, you saved me from a HEART ATTACK