New Pc Windows 11

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I'm having problems downloading or updating from microsoft store, reset it all etc , reset wifi all ok .

Updated windows (eventually) still nothing. Trying to install xbox app

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Hello! You've posted your question in the Tech Community Discussion space, which is intended for discussion around the Tech Community website itself, not product questions. I'm moving your question to the Windows 11 space - please post Windows 11 questions here in the future. 

Would you mind elaborate your issue in details?
Are you seeing any error message or error code?
Are you facing this issue with all applications?

@Reza_Ameri no error message at all , just keeps spinning and pending . Brand new pc out the box running windows 11 . Updated Windows and went install some apps and get updates but everything is pending and nothing is downloading or updating . I downloaded chrome and that went fine and installed but Microsoft store everything is pending 

Try restart your PC and run Microsoft Store again and see if the problem persists?
Try disconnect from internet and wait for few minutes and try again.
Try performing Clean Boot and see if the problem persists?

@scottmacauley  Hi,

First, contact your computer manufacturer's technical support. download the latest drivers there, restart your PC, sign in with your Microsoft account in Edge and Microsoft Store. 

I tried downloading before Windows update and was the same and then and pc has been restarted since then , still the same . Even went into apps settings and reset Microsoft store app , still the same . I'll do a clean boot tomorrow and see what happens
If you go to Microsoft on edge it only allows download from the store app , everything is running fine with the pc , I'm questioning the compatibility of store app with windows 11 , thanks


How long has it been since I first started this computer?

Probably the firewall is blocking the proper synchronization of the Microsoft Store, what our antivirus installed?

Please test it and let us know about the result.