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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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New File Explorer and Save As Menu for Windows 11

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Hello Microsoft Team,

I have made a concept of File Explorer and Save As Menu by me. It looks like an updated version and matches to the new UI of Windows 11. I have been inspired by the new Settings App of Windows 11 and created this concept. It has rounded corners in all areas where the current File Explorer doesn't has. I have also made a new Save As Menu Concept for matching the New UI of Windows 11. Please check the images uploaded.



New File Explorer Concept (Looks Similar to New Settings App of Windows 11)


  • Left Side Bar Updated

  • Search Bar brought to the Top Header like in Microsoft Store

  • File Path Box with Rounded Corners

  • Quick Access changed to Home

  • Rounded corners around Folders

  • Back, Forward, Up Arrow Buttons updated

  • New Refresh Button Added

  • Grey Background with Slight Transparency as seen in Settings App

New File Explorer for Windows 11.png


New Save As Menu Concept by me.


  • Save Button and Cancel Button Updated

New Save As Menu.png

I hope you may like it and may implement it.





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I advise you to share your prototypes and design concepts in the Feedback Hub app as a suggestion so the Windows team will directly review them.
I don't know why Windows Team doesn't look after feedbacks at all in the Feedback Hub. I have been posting several times, but no one replies.


Did you like my concept?

In general I really love to see Windows has more customizable options.
Personally, I love the Windows 11 like it is at the moment and your concept would be nice as a Windows Theme like you want to change the Windows look and feel after a while.
However, some of these concepts might be confusing for users but it would be nice like use your concept and improve it a bit and run a user experience study and from the result decide on the next step.
For this reason, I asked you to share it in the Feedback Hub, so people who love your concept would be able to upvote it.



I must say that I like the most that you improve the Windows environment yourself!

I see a lot of people here who only complain, and you personalize the system for your own convenience at work = great!

Thank you for your work and best regards.