.NET Security Updates

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My Windows 11 needs to install these updates offline.

  • 2023-07 .NET 6.0.20 Security Update for x64 Client (KB5028705)
  • 2023-07 .NET 7.0.9 Security Update for x64 Client (KB5028706)


I have download the Hosting Bundles Installers from -


But after installing, the Windows Updates still shows the updates are outstanding!  How to obtain the correct offline installation versions and have them successfully installed?

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Please note - Windows 10 and windows 11 automatically update .NET framework from the version user has installed to the version it is going to update to.
Please see that windows updates are turned on to " Automatic Update" option.

By chance it does not update you can search on google or msn search  or go to [code]www.microsoft.com[/code] and type .NET Framework in search option (Search bar).

Automatic Updates is already disabled through company GPO. Therefore I must download the offline installation versions and update manually for my Windows 11!
Ours has been setup through Rings and it shows they need the updates in Defender for Endpoint. What could be wrong?