Need urgent help: something wrong with my laptop after upgrade to Windows 11

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Hi everyone,


Please I need urgent help or advice, something wrong with my laptop after upgrade to Windows 11. 

I am having two different emotional feeling right now - I am very angry and same time it is very funny for me. 

I use MSI GE75 Raider laptop with Core i7 (10th gen) and RTX 2070 Super. Couple of days ego system automatically updated to Windows 11 from 10. 

After that, laptop started heating very fast, even when I am just watching YouTube and not playing anything or not doing 3D staff. Fans working very loudly and keyboard is also heating. MSI's Dragon Center showing that CPU temp is reaching 85-90 Celsius (never going below the 80) and GPU is 74 Celsius. GPU Usage is 100% (please find attached photo #1). Very hot wind is coming from two sides of keyboard. I reached out to MSI call center several time but no help.


Photo #1Photo #1


Now, most interesting part begins...

So, I decided to check "Task Manager" to find out what program exactly is consuming so much power of CPU, RAM and GPU.  I've checked and everything was ok, no problematic programs and no threats.

But, when I was reviewing "Task Manager" (Processes and Performance), For my GREAT surprise fans started slowing down, hot wind stopped from the sides. And I immediately checked Dragon Center when Task Manager was still open. You know what... CPU and GPU temp dropped to 44-47 Celsius, GPU Usage became 0% (please find attached photo #2).


Photo #2Photo #2


So this situations is still continuing when I use my laptop, every time I have to open Task Manager put it on tray and work. Otherwise my laptop is burning like a hell, fans sounding like Boeing-777 engine.


Please someone help and advice what can I do? Is this issue related to Windows 11 or laptop itself?

if yes, what I need to do?


I very much appreciate your kind assistance and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Best regards,




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@Rukhullo  Hi

I have a question, do you leave the computer turned on for the night (in sleep)?

How many days have passed since the update?

Rather, this is not a problem with the computer - I think!

@A1 Thank you so much for your answer!

No, I never leave the laptop turned on over night. It is almost 10 days since update to Windows 11.

I think so that it is not a problem with PC itself. But still I don't know what to do.

If I'll not get any advice from here till tomorrow, I am going to visit Geek Squad to setup Windows 10 again.

Be honest it is so shame for so giant company like Microsoft not to give any explanation and solution with this issue. 

I am all the way Windows user since Windows NT 3.1. But, couple of years I started to think seriously about using Mac OS. Maybe it is a sign and this is a right time to do so.


Maybe losing just me is not a big problem for Microsoft, BUT, believe me, if I am gonna like Mac OS, I'll recommend to all my friends and family to do so, and they also do so respectively to their friends. It is a "Arithmetic progression". 


If Windows Old is automatically removed - then you will have to perform a clean installation of Windows10, which will clean everything


Windows outside the hours of active use - that is, at night it has to perform many processes ( maintenance ) because after 10 days it automatically has to remove the old Windows - it must complete the migration of Windows11 completely.

Your way of using the computer has prevented these processes from being performed, so the computer is overheating!

Clearing drive C from the cache and performing 2 reboots should fix everything, I also suggest removing obsolete applications.  


Additionally, it is necessary to download updates from the Microsoft store, I understand your frustration, but do not rush back to Windows10 .
If Windows old is removed, it is likely that your problems will end. Good luck

Hello, I had the exact same issue and exact same MSI gaming laptop.. I had to revert back to Windows 10 after the 10 days and do a clean Windows 10 install. Issue is gone...but still thinking about Windows 11. Anyway I read all the replies and i was wondering what you ended up doing?