Need to get the left-click menu back from Windows 10.

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I use left-click functions a LOT, especially left-click:Print or rename. Now they've forced in yet another click to get to those, unnecessarily, on Windows 11. 


So far all I've seen is changes to registries, which I cannot do because this is a company PC and such mods aren't allowed. 


I also very much dislike the symbols being placed on there instead of words like "copy, paste" because to be honest, it gets confusing after a while which means which, it's not intuitive to me. 


While I realize it's cliche' to say that some changes are just backwards, this left click menu was definitely a backwards move. It's not an improvement at all, it's an unnecessary complication. Is there ANY way to get the Win 10 left click menu back? 

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Understood. I have also found it difficult to correct really stupid things I've done before, Microsoft is no different.