Need help to download video from Instagram on my Windows 11 computer

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I'm pretty new to the tech scene and could use a little help. I've been trying to figure out how to download videos from Instagram onto my computer, but I'm feeling a bit lost.


I've tried a few methods I found online, but they either seem too complicated or just don't work for me. So, I thought I'd reach out to the Microsoft community for some advice.


Does anyone know of a straightforward way to download Instagram videos on a computer? I'm not the most tech-savvy person, so any simple tips or step-by-step instructions would be really appreciated.

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There are third-party websites which help you to do that.
However, Instagram is not a Microsoft product and this issue has nothing to do with Windows and because this is out of the scope of this forum, I am not able to help you.


Hey there! I totally get the struggle with trying to figure out how to download videos from Instagram onto a PC. I was in the same boat not too long ago. After a bit of trial and error, I found a pretty straightforward way that worked like a charm for me, and I'm happy to share it.


First off, don’t stress too much about being new to the tech scene. We’ve all been there, and finding how to download videos from Instagram on a PC can seem daunting at first. But here's the simple method I settled on: I used a web-based service designed specifically for this purpose. There are a bunch out there, but you want to look for one that lets you just paste the URL of the Instagram video you're itching to download. No need to download any software or get tangled up in techy stuff.


Here's the lowdown on how I did it:

  1. Go to Instagram on your PC and find the video you want to download.
  2. Copy the URL of the Instagram video directly from your web browser.
  3. Head over to a web service that offers to download videos from Instagram on a PC – just pop a quick search on Google, and you'll find a bunch.
  4. Paste the video URL into the site’s download field and hit the download button.

Voila! The site should handle the rest, and you’ll end up with the video saved on your computer.

The trickiest part is how to find the video link if you are trying to download video from Instagram on a Windows 11 computer. There are many free online tools to do that, but the video quality is not that good. It is more recommended using a desktop software to download Instagram video.


Do you prefer a web-based tool where you just paste the video URL to download Instagram video, or are you open to installing a small application on your computer for downloading Instagram videos? Let me know what feels more comfortable for you, and I can tailor my advice accordingly!


Oh, right! Let me share my own twist on this then. Once upon a time, I too was navigating the murky waters of trying to download a video from Instagram onto my computer. Felt like I was trying to crack a code without the cipher!


Here’s how I cracked it, short and sweet:

  • Web-based Tools are Gold: I discovered this no-fuss website where you just drop the Instagram video link, and it does the magic. Literally, copy the URL from the browser, paste it into the box on the site, and hit download. No tech wizardry needed.
  • A Trusty Browser Extension: Found this extension for my browser (Chrome, by the way) that added a little download button directly on the Instagram page. I just navigated to the video, hit that button, and voilà, the video was on my computer. It felt like cheating the system without actually cheating.
  • Good Ol’ Screen Record: When all else fails, or when I’m feeling a tad lazy to look for tools, I just used my PC’s screen recording feature. Played the video, recorded my screen, and it was a bit like recording a live show on your DVR. Not the slickest method, but it gets the job done!

Each of these methods was a game-changer for me, turning a daunting task into a couple of clicks. Hope one of these tricks does the trick for you too!



What is the difference between web based tool and desktop application?




Ah, got it! Well, one evening I was browsing through Instagram and stumbled upon this hilarious cooking video. I thought, "I've got to show this to my mom; she'd love it!" But mom's not on Instagram, you see. So, I decided to download Instagram story video with music  directly to my laptop to share it with her over email.


Here's what I did, keeping it super simple because, honestly, I'm not the biggest tech guru either:


  1. Online Downloader: I remembered a friend mentioning a website where you could just paste the Instagram video link and download it. A quick Google search got me to one that looked user-friendly and didn't bombard me with ads.
  2. Copy the Link: I went back to Instagram, found the video again, clicked on those three dots, and copied the link. Easy peasy.
  3. Download: Pasted the link into the website, hit the download button, and within a minute, I had the video saved on my laptop.

I emailed the video to my mom, and she found it just as hilarious as I did. It was a smooth experience, and now I do it occasionally for those must-share moments. Just remember to use these tools responsibly and respect copyright rules!


I discovered that using a specific PC-based tool like AllClipDown makes downloading Instagram videos a breeze. Grab the video’s URL from Instagram, head over to AllClipDown’s website, paste the URL in, and click download. Just ensure you’re using reputable services like AllClipDown to keep things smooth and safe. What's more, it can be able to download instagram video with music in gallery.

And remember, respecting copyright and privacy is key. Hope this eases your tech exploration!


Absolutely, I’d be happy to help guide you through this! To offer the best advice, could you let me know which methods you’ve already tried for downloading Instagram videos? Also, are you comfortable using web-based tools or -desktop-based tool like AllClipDown, or do you want to download videos from instagram with music ?

Understanding your comfort level and previous attempts will help me tailor my suggestions to what might work best for you.

Desktop video download software is more recommended as they support bulk download and load with a lot of downloading options. You can also extract audio from the video during the downloading, which is a great option for many users.


In my option, it is best to choose a desktop software to download video from Instagram on Windows 11.