My PC after Windows 11 is released

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My PC is compatible with W11 although I am currently running Insider Preview. I wonder what is going to happen to my PC when W11 is released. Can someone please explain?



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Microsoft will release more details in future , however in case you are using Beta channel, you will be able to upgrade to the stable release. In other cases, you might have to reinstall Windows 10 and then upgrade to Windows 11. But you have to wait for official announcement from Microsoft.
I've made a mistake in my OP. It should say NOT compatible. I am not using Beta channel since I cannot switch to it.
I think releasing a stable version of windows11 for you will not help anything , updates for windosw11 have stopped coming for you and will continue to do so .
In my opinion you need to install windows10 and use until october 2025
But my question is: when W11 is released will my PC stop working?
your computer will stop working when the insider compilation you installed is no longer valid and you cannot upgrade to a newer version.
I see. So, if I upgrade my hardware, install W10, get back to Insider, and get W11 going again, I finally will have the released version of W11?
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To have a stable version of windows11 you just need to have windows10 installed - an automatic update will install windows11.
You don't have to use the Insider program
Ok, I see, thanks



It depends on how incompatible your system is to the main requirements. They released a statement not too long ago that was basically saying they won't stop people from installing win 11 if they obtain a copy of the os and slap onto their system (source below). If its just the cpu is a slightly outside of the requirements you may be able to do a reinstall with a physical copy of the released os with the understanding that its neither ideal or supported. But I believe that the TPM hardware is the mandatory hard floor.

yes, but this discussion and previous inquiries by this user are about the situation when the insider program compilation expires and you cannot upgrade to the stable version of windows11
My MB doesn't have the TPM module.