My laptop keeps restarting itself and I've tried a lot of stuff already

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I've tried everything I could find, but every time I turn on my laptop, it restarts. I have tried these things from the advanced options provided:


Restarting/Turning off and on
regardless, it goes to a blue screen with a sad face that says that there was a problem starting up and restarts for me again, then sends me to automatic repair.


Factory reset

both with and without personal files, it returns with "there was aproblem ressetting your PC." and the only option is cancel.


Startup Repair
It says it couldn't repair my PC and sends me back to the advanced options


Uninstall Updates
Both the latest feature and quality update both lead to "we ran into a problem and won't be able to uninstall the latest feature update of windows" and the only option is close.


Startup Settings
I tried to enable safe mode, sent me straight back to the :( blue screen restart


System Restore
Tells me I can't because I didn't enable system protection on the drive.

openning CMD
I've tried enabling system restore from the command prompt "rstrui.exe /offline:C:\windows=active" but keep getting error 0x80070002


I've also tried the whole chkdsk route but that ultimate led to me going to "continue to windows 11" and getting the same sad face blue screen saying :your devuce ran into a problem and needs to resart. we'll restart it for you"

I have no more ideas and I feel so exhausted trying to think of how I can fix my laptop, if someone could help that would be amazing.

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Since the factory reset fails I would think it is a hard drive or some other hardware problem. Do you have access to another PC to make a Windows 11 install flash drive (or a full recovery disk from the manufacturer) and see if a full clean install with format and re-partition works. Maybe even try downgrading to 10 just to see if it installs. Good luck and please tell us how it goes.