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My laptop always use Cloudflare DNS. How do I remove it?

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I have tried using Cloudflare DNS in the past, but I have since reverted everything back to DHCP settings but it seems like this settings is stuck and my laptop still uses Cloudflare DNS. I don't have problem with the DNS but the problem will occur when I work out of office and connect to public Wi-Fi which requires authentication through its login page. The login page can't be opened because it is not resolvable through Cloudflare DNS.


I tried "Network reset" in Settings but I don't know what it did, even the known networks are still there. I thought it would forget all known networks as well.


Anyway, the IPv4 DNS server are correct (use that network's DNS), but the IPv6 DNS server will be Cloudflare's DNS server IPs


Below is the screenshot I took after connecting to my phone's hotspot.


Screenshot 2023-08-18 150058.png


I looked everywhere in Settings and Control Panel but couldn't find anything. Please suggest what I should do.



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Run ncpa.cpl command.
Right click your adapter, select Properties.
Select IPv4, click Properties.
Next remove Cloudflare server and allow to obtain DNS automatically.
Repeat last two steps for IPv6.

Hi, @Kapil Arya ,


Thanks for your reply. I have checked those settings before and they were already set to obtain DNS server address automatically.


Screenshot 2023-08-21 104546.png


Screenshot 2023-08-21 104508.png


Is there other place I could check, or simple reset everything about networks? As I mentioned that I have tried "Network reset" as well and it didn't work.




I have tried all the options given already but i still cannot deactivate the cloudfare. it is a real problem because it is not allowing me the access, for my teaching resources. please help ASAP.

Try run Command prompt and then type the following command:

ipconfig /flushdns
For home user, DHCP is more suitable than using a third-party DNS. Cloudflare is mostly used for protecting online websites.