My deleted Windows 11 account is messing up my current Windows 11 account!

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Help! I need an expert Windows person to help me sort out my problem!

I was having problems with malware on my Lenovo laptop, so I created a new Windows 11 account. Then I deleted the old Windows account. The problem is this:

1. The old windows account does not exist.

2. I tried to "reclaim" my old account but it doesn't let me. I think someone else has taken that name.

3. My laptop computer's name is the OLD windows account name. It tries to connect to my old, deleted windows account. Since it can't (because it no longer exists, or because the name is now owned by someone else).

4. It doesn't properly save my data. Since it can't save it in the cloud it saves it in a download folder, but all the data is lumped together in one gigantic file, and all the data gets mixed up, and/or lost.

5. I have to continually reset up my desktop and reorganize my files. That's a real problem!

6. In order to fix the problem I believe I need to access the old Windows account and delete it, but I can't remember the password. I've tried guessing it, without success.

I could possibly create a brand new windows account, but I really don't want to do that. What are my options and which would be the easiest.

Please advise ASAP. Thank you,


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Thanks for sharing the issue!

Wondering if you are able to do a "in-place" upgrade by downloading the ISO From and choosing "keep files".





Should I do that for the old Windo 11, or the current one?

Yes, God IS gracious!

Hi Paul!

Thanks for sharing, you should do that for the one you want to use!

In-place upgrade should fixx any corrupted files and stuff...



Thank you so, so much! I will reply if I run into any problems. You have a great day!


You're welcome!

God bless,


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There is a slight problem.
The ISO requires a DVD. My computer does not have a DVD and I don't have access to a computer that does. What do you suggest?
Thanks for sharing Paul, the ISO dosen't need a DVD... do you mean a USB?

Well, it would be best if you go here:

Go to download a ISO... choose the language and press download.

Then click the downloaded file, follow the steps to keep files and upgrade.

Hope that helps!

I followed the steps but my computer still shows the old name. It has also replaced all of my defaults, for example the default browser is Edge, not Chrome. What are we missing? Maybe you should do a remote login to figure out what is going on? Thanks for your help, Paul



Ok, so thanks everyone for your help. However, the problem still remains. 

Is there someone on this forum, who could do a secure login to my computer to try to find out what is going on and how to fix it? I'm sure it's a little fix, but a big problem finding it.

This is getting so frustrating! I've dealt with this problem for over a month. 
Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you, a frustrated beyond belief, Windows user.

Oh wow, I am not sure but can you just back up the files you want into a USB or somewhere else... just to make sure..

Then do the ISO but instead press just keep files...
At what point do I give my system the new name? I believe if I just restore my old files it will name the system the old name. Tell me if I'm wrong.
The software is installed and I'm looking at the sign on screen, having three options; password, pin, or finger print with an option of forgot. I would have to guess on any of them.
I am not sure what you are referring to
My Windows account. It's the same name as I see when I look at my user name in Gmail.
Thanks for sharing Paul, its going to be quite hard for me to understand the issue over a forum.

Have you tried contact Microsoft Support which will do a remote session with you and be able to fix it? as I am running out of options :(

Apologies not being a great help...

Shawn, no I have not. I'll contact them for a remote session. Thanks and God bless!
No problem!

I don't think the policies for the Microsoft Tech Community would permit someone to remote into someone's else's computer anyways.

Have a awesome year!

God bless and let me know how it goes :)