Movable taskbar in windows 11

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So I've noticed that with windows 11, we have lost the ability to move our taskbar to left, right or top of our screen as we had been able to do in previous versions not to mention the ability to hide some taskbar icons. I cant understand why "upgrading" to a new version means we should lose some useful features from the older version. I've searched online for how to move the taskbar however all I get are risky methods such as playing around with regedit. Can we just get back the ability to move the taskbar the way we want and change it how we want. The windows 11 update should've brought more customisation however all I've noticed is that we have lost features instead. At this point windows is basically becoming mac. Can we, for the love of God, just have some of the old features back again(mostly taskbar customisation again)

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That's question to Windows 11 community here Windows 11 - Microsoft Tech Community

I completely agree with you - I think the ability to move the taskbar will be restored, however, for security reasons, it will not be possible to pin tasks as in Windows10. I suggest you write another review in the Feedback Hub app.



Win11 taskbar only at the bottom of the screen - it needs to be changed! - Microsoft Tech Community

Hello! This is an idea space specifically for the Microsoft Tech Community, not for products such as Windows 11. We'll go ahead and move this discussion to the Windows 11 space for you - feel free to post there in the future about Windows 11, or you can certainly leave any feedback or ideas within the Feedback Hub directly in Windows 11.