Mouse Button Support in W11

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This is more of a suggestion or request, but for those who share this need, please be sure to voice your opinions.

Windows has, for a long time, lacked native support for more than 5 mouse buttons. Other OS's have scaled over time allowing much greater flexibility for a wide swathe of workflows. In my humble opinion, it is time that this change be implemented in Microsoft's OS. Native support for more mouse buttons would go a long way for many different types of users.


In my case, there is room for a great increase in productivity through the ability to add more keybinds in a number of different work programs. Other use cases come to mind though. Certainly, with Windows being the OS of choice for PC gaming, that market would be happy to have the option for more mouse inputs. There are a plethora of optical mice on the market with 10+ buttons, but without native support for those buttons, the usefulness of such mice for both work and play is limited to macros and existing keystrokes.


I'm not the first to bring forth this concern. I am posting this in the hopes that, perhaps, enough traction will be generated that it might actually make a difference. I am not sure what other avenues we have available to us to request updates such as these, but if anyone knows of a better way, please do share so that myself and others who have been asking for this far longer than I can do so more appropriately.

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