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Hi, it took me an entire frustrating week to discover that it was actually a bug, I've read a plenty of articles, topics, called internet support hub provider multiple times till i discovered the bug by accident.

The problem is that when I start a mobile hotspot from win11 on my laptop, it almost instantly crashes the internet on my laptop while my connected mobile's internet to the mobile wifi seems to be working absolutely fine, I thought it was a problem with my network DNS or something similar but it was not. I was testing several solutions, and accidently disabled the virtually created network to host the hotspot wifi and suddenly the edge browser started refreshing the page that I couldn't open 1 sec ago, disabling the hotspot network seemed like instantly solving the internet problem on my laptop, I did several tests later and all gave the same results, hosting a hotspot wifi on win11 causes the internet to crash in the host's system.


P.S. the internet didn't totally crash when I would host a host spot wifi, it would only allow me to open certain websites like facebook, instagram, utube, but any other random sites found through the search bar would never open or they would rather remain stuck in loading mode forever. 


I would be really grateful if any1 can explain this to me or finds a way to host a hotspot wifi without losing internet on my laptop.

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There has been an issue with Hotspot in previous update, however Microsoft released an update fixing this issue. Try update your Windows and download and install the latest update and see if the problem persists?

Do you know what is the version of the update? is it "KB5014668" ?

edit: win11 also would crash instantly once I turn IPV6 ON/OFF while the hotspot mobile is ON 


edit2: actually the update solved the problem !! wow!