Missing start button and other icons from taskbar

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Missing start button and other icons from taskbar. Tried restart and killing explorer from task manager but still its not working. Plz help.
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Yup I'm having the same problem. Can't open much either other than cmd from taskmanger but I tried running some uninstall update command in powershell to no avail.
I just started experiencing the same. After I ran an update this afternoon and restarted my machine the screen returned with a grey taskbar with only a carrot (^) symbol showing toward the right margin. No other icons are present. When I move the cursor to the grey taskbar area, it changes to the spinning circle icon.
I have performed a CTRL-ALT-DEL to shut down and restart, same condition returns. I cannot WIN+X or any other WIN+ function. The desktop icons remain and the related apps I've tried seem to work however, when I try my "This PC" shortcut, File Explorer opened after a significant delay. Any guidane to getting the taskbar back to operating properly would be appreciated.
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Change the date to Sept.4th or later through the control panel. Tried and it works. Found on Weibo.
Thanks Aaron, it worked.
That worked Aaron! Thanks! However I couldn't get into the control panel, so I changed the date in the BIOS. Now I'll restart and see if I can reset to the correct date.
Worked like a charm. Thanks.
Hi All - There is a code fix published in another thread here:

This one will repair the taskbar issue without messing with dates