Migrating to Windows 11

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Hello everyone,


I'm developing a plan to migrate our workstations to Windows 11. I've already tested all the systems on my machine, and they function without any issues. Group policies are also working fine. However, there's one aspect I haven't been able to resolve yet:


In our company, we have a customized start menu. This means the displayed icons are those we consider frequently used, and users aren't allowed to change or delete any icon; they can only add items to the taskbar.


Could someone confirm if it's possible to create an XML file similar to that in Windows 10 to maintain our current start menu setup in Windows 11?


I appreciate any guidance on this matter in advance.


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As you know start menu in Windows 11 changed a bit but you will have similar policies , you may refer to the following article to see if polices you are looking for exists or not. Have a look at:
It is recommended to run a test before deployment, you may upgrade or install Windows 11 on one or two PCs and test policies and if they work as you expect go for deployment.

Hello @Reza_Ameri,


Thank you for your reply.


This article is a good starting point.


I have tried it, and it works fine. However, the custom folders do not export. I mean, the Office applications—I've grouped them together in one folder, along with the business applications.


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