Microsoft Teams - Video lag increase in meetings compared to Windows 10

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I recently updated my laptop to Windows 11, the only bug I have at the moment is that the video feeds from others on meetings on the Teams client now are very poor quality & laggy. Interestingly, the audio and screen-sharing work fine, it's purely just the videos of the other attendees in the meeting. 


I had a look at the call health in meeting and was getting a round trip time of between 15-25ms on some calls and packet loss of up to 25% in some meetings which I was surprised about and suspected  a network issue based on this. I've tried meetings on my iPad, iPhone & interesting using my personal Microsoft account on the new "Teams 2.0" client integrated into the OS and not had the same issue with video, so appears to be just an issue with the existing Teams client on Windows 11.


I was just intrigued to see if anyone else had encountered the same issue after upgrading to Windows 11, it's not a major issue for me as the audio and screen-sharing still works fine, it's just nice to see the visual ques from other in the meetings. I've done the standard Teams troubleshooting for laggy video so was more interested to see if the issue was more widespread.

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Are you facing this issue with the Microsoft Teams web app on the browser too?
Try run Windows Update and download and install all updates.
Try open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.

Yeah, same issue running in the browser too. I couldn't see an option to see the call health telemetry in the browser so couldn't have a look to compare. All Windows Updates have been installed already, I've been checking everyday in the hope that one might come along to fix it

Yeah good idea to report in the Feedback Hub. I was more intrigued to know if others were having similar issues as one of my colleagues mentioned the exact same issue to me after they upgraded too.

I upgraded to w11 on Tuesday and notice exactly this. Very poor quality video, stopping often, extreme lags. Screensharing not working either. Tried it on different networks in different locations and in both cases it doesn't work properly but works on other non w11 devices.
Glad to hear someone else is having the same issue! I went to the office today and still have the issue, fingers crossed it'll be resolved in an update, or even better allow business and enterprise users to use the new client ASAP!
I believe this is a bug and reporting the issue using the Feedback Hub app is the best way for the Windows team to get aware of the issue and investigate and resolve it.

@Reza_Ameri i have the exact same issue. Microsoft Teams is not working properly on Windows 11. Video & Screensharing lags as hell.

Like I mentioned earlier make sure to report it.
I believe this is a bug and this way the Windows team would be able to investigate and resolve the problem.
Meanwhile, if possible uninstall your Graphic Card driver and use Windows default one and see if the problem persist?

@Reza_Ameri i think i have found the bug: - this will be fixed in the next security update by microsoft.

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There is a official post from Microsoft which might be related, take a look at:
"Compatibility issues with Intel “Killer” and "SmartByte" networking software"
If that is the case, Microsoft is aware of the issue and will fix it in future update.
yes, i am (like many million others) just waiting for the october security update. Its a really annoying bug.
Thank you for sharing and good news is Microsoft is aware of it and hopefully there would be a fix soon.
This appears to have now been resolved for me through Windows Updates

Same here. Good to see my co-workers properly again. @callumlinning 

Thank you for the update and glad the problem have been fixed.