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Hello, I just installed Windows 11 Pro 21H2 and installed it using the English Language.

The system is displaying English everywhere except in the Microsoft Store where it displays in Portuguese (the native language in Brazil, where I live). If it was just the Microsoft Store, it wouldn't be a problem, but every app that is installed using Microsoft Store is being installed in Portuguese as well including the name of the app. So instead of opening "Notepad" I have to open "Bloco de Notas", this is very frustrating because I have to remember which apps were installed on the Microsoft Store and which were not.

Changing the region of the computer to a English-speaking one only changes the currency of the store.

The Microsoft account logged in the Microsoft Store is also setup in English.

Is there a way to change the language of the Microsoft Store to the same as my Displaying Language? Or at least, force Microsoft Store to install apps on this language?

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@ was able to change Microsoft Store's Language by changing the option next to the Display Language that said: "Preferred Language" for some reason it was listed as Portuguese.

@Dioshua Where does one find "Display Language"?


Windows' Settings > Time & Language > Language & region