Loss of Internet Access in Windows 11

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Hi All,


This problem has only just happened yesterday. I have a Lenovo laptop that while connected to a functioning WIFI Internet does not permit any Internet traffic. Unlike the HP I am using at this moment that is using the same source yet is allowing Internet communication. The problem seems to be internal to the computer as two other sources act the same way (Tethered WIFI & a Dongle). Both computers have the latest addition of Windows (The one I'm using now was updated yesterday in fact).


If you run the network diagnosis tool it comes up with DNS Server not found.


Has anyone encountered this sort of problem ?


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Are you facing the same issue if you connect to LAN too?
Are you using any VPN or Proxy?
Are you using any Firewall or third-party security program?



Both are as is straight from the shop. They are individual computers, the older one being originally Windows 10 upgraded to 11 home edition with neither using VPN, a proxy but using AVG antivirus.  As both are using the same antivirus software, I can't see that being the factor. What I have is, access to two different phones that can act as a Personal Hotspot, and a SIM controlled dongle. So access to the Internet is only when either of those devices are used. On the one that does not work, you get the WIFI connected symbol but no Internet access by any apps trying to use the net.


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Go to Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections > select the connection and click Settings.

Click on Properties and go to Networking and select TCP/IPv4.

Under TCP/IPv4 select Properties and make sure the Obtain DNS Server Address automatically option is selected.
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You may try visit the Lenovo website and search for model of your device and see if there is any new network driver available. If yes, try to install it.

Hi @Reza_Ameri 

That seems to have done the trick. The driver was quite old. Why it was not put through for updating I don't know. I'm glad I had a second computer with Internet connectivity. Otherwise who knows.





Thank you for the update and glad the problem have been fixed.
I advise you to open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue and share the model and manufacturer of your PC and explain the missing driver caused the problem.