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Local Account Win 11 Home

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I have a laptop with Win10 Home.

When installing Win11 Home (in October), will it be possible to create a local account?

I ask because when installing Win10 and logging in to the MS account, the name of the local account %UserProfile% is not complete and truncated.

Therefore, when installing the OS, you need to create a normal profile name and then log in to the MS account.

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Windows 11 supports local account too and in case you login to Microsoft Account, you may switch to local account.
Windows 11 is still under testing and development and you have see what are the features in the final release of Windows but most likely you will be able to use local account but I advise you to wait for official release of Windows 11.
Windows 11 supports local account while installing as well as after installation.

While installing, you are allowed to create local account if you don't have Internet and you want to continue with limited setup.

After installation, you can follow this guide to switch to local account:

Note that switching to local account may require you to sign-in apps separately with your Microsoft account. Additionally, you can't sync your content across device with a local account.

Note: Included link in this reply refers to blog post by a trusted Microsoft MVP.