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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Keyboard keeps reverting to US layout. I cannot remove US layout. I have a Spanish keyboard.

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My language settings are "US English". I live in Spain. I have a Spanish keyboard. My keyboard is set to Spanish. US layout is listed as second. There is no way to remove it. Several times a day, my keyboard changes to US layout. And I lose ñ and every time I try to write quotes they @turn into at signs@.


This happens at random. I have to click on the keyboard layout at the bottom right and turn it back to ENG/ES.  I cannot emphasize enough how much I do NOT have a US keyboard and never have done. I have had German and UK keyboards. But never a US keyboard.


Normally this is just a repeated minor inconvenience but I cam currently trying to write a eulogy for my father's funeral and it's happened twice in twenty minutes. It is very offputting. Please, fix this. I cannot remove US Keyboard layout as an option because it is not listed.


I want a Spanish keyboard. Because I have a Spanish keyboard. I do not and never have had a US keyboard. I want to type on my Spanish keyboard in Spanish using the Spanish layout because I live in Spain and have a Spanish keyboard layout sue to the fact that my keyboard was bought in Spain, where I live, and where we use the Spanish alphabet and language and keyboard layout. We do this because WE LIVE IN SPAIN.


I would try the workaround of moving to Florida and buying a US keyboard if Microsoft are willing to fund that, and also get rid of Desantis. If that is not possible then please just LET ME TYPE ON MY SPANISH KEYBOARD. Much appreciated.

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