Issues with Windows 11 Pro Documents Folder Icon

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I have a fresh installation of Windows 11 Pro, about a couple weeks old or so. The Documents folder was stubbornly stuck on OneDrive. I followed a YouTube video that showed how to move it successfully. Afterwards I removed OneDrive from startup but didn't remove it altogether.


I won't go into the details of my attempted fix. But the lingering side effect is the local Documents folder lacks an icon and will NOT even browse for an icon. I even have an extracted icon file, from imageres.dll, for the Documents folder. But the folder properties box on the Customize tab does not have the usual buttons (Choose File & Restore Default) to prompt for an icon change. I had those buttons yesterday, which didn't work. But after tampering with the registry, even those buttons are gone.


The easiest option is to simply reinstall the OS from scratch. But then I'd lose a couple weeks of software installs and configurations. The other option is to live with it.


You can see the attached screenshots for more details. The Documents folder is not grouped to the other folders such as Downloads.

Hopefully someone can help?

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Go to File Explorer, right-click on the "This PC" or "Computer" icon, and select "Properties". In the Properties window, click on the "Quick access" tab. Make sure that "Quick access" is enabled and that the "Documents" folder is not checked. If it is, uncheck it and click "Apply" and then "OK".