Issues with OneDrive when migrating files from one computer to another

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I have just bought a new laptop with Windows 11 installed. I have tried to migrate files and folders from my old laptop initially using a a separate hard drive which caused problems then I transferred them directly from the C Drive to the new laptop using a usb flash drive. In the first instance I was unaware that OneDrive was involved in this process so I ended up with my free OneDrive allocation used up. At that point I unlinked it. I do not wish to use OneDrive at all.

My C drive is now a complete mess. Can you tell me please why most of the file extensions in my Documents contain C:\Users\lpark\OneDrive ?

I appreciate that I have a problem in that I don't understand where I went wrong. My old laptop is running Windows 10 vers.21H2.  Also, my knowledge of terminology is sketchy so I will need plain English please.

Do I need to get rid of the OneDrive file extensions? If so, how do I do it and if not is it ok to leave them as they are.


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Well thanks a lot for the help, guys. I don't think!!

Did you ever get any kind of answer for this?  I'm having the exact same problem.  I've called my support department 4 times to no avail, (none of them were on Win 11), and  I'm on 5 weeks of dealing with this.  Any help would be appreciated from anyone.